Frequently Asked Questions

1.1 Where can I obtain the latest release of Logos?

The Logos home page ( will always have a link to the latest version of Logos, as well as any extra dictionaries and utilities as they become available.

Logos is also available from all good internet software archives, including Simtel and Winsite.

1.2 What are the minimum system requirement for Logos?

A PC with Windows 95, Windows NT4, or a later version of Windows.
Approx 2Mb. disc space (and an additional 2Mb of temporary space for installation)

1.3 Do I have to pay to use Logos?

Yes. Logos is not free software, however you are permitted to use it for a trial period without payment. If you decide to continue using it after the trail period you must pay the registration fee.

See Licence.txt for full licence information and details of how to register, including online registration.

1.4 Logos won't accept my Registration Code!

Check that you are entering the information exactly as printed on your registration confirmation.  Letters in the wrong case and extra spaces will prevent you registration code being accepted.

2.1 Are there some examples of how to perform searches?

Yes. The online help include step-by-step instructions for all the searches with several examples.

2.2 Can the results be shown in larger type?

Yes, select 'Change Font' on the 'View' menu.

2.3 Can I add words to the Dictionary?

You can't add words to the supplied dictionaries, but you can use your own text files for searching:

  1. Create a text file with containing the words you want to use for searching.
  2. Start Logos, select 'Dictionaries->Configure Dictionaries'.
  3. Press 'Install'.
  4. Select the file you created in step 1.
  5. Click 'Open'.
  6. Click 'OK'.
  7. From the 'Dictionaries' menu either select 'All Dictionaries' or the new dictionary.

Should you wish to add further words to the same file you'll need to exit from Logos before you can edit the file.

3.1 Can a new XYZ search function be added to Logos?

All constructive comments and suggestions for improvements will be gratefully received. Please email me at with you suggestion.  (Remove the word REMOVE from the email address.)

3.2 How about a dictionary of Names, Plants, &c?

A names dictionary is now shipped as part of the standard Logos package.  There are some extra dictionaries available on the Downloads page.

Simple lists of words downloaded from the internet can be used by Logos.  The online help gives details of how to configure this.

If you have a word list that you think is of general interest and should be on this web-site then please email the author.

3.3 Logos crashes / doesn't produce the right results, why?

It is possible that you may have found a problem with Logos. Check that your search is correctly formulated and if things still aren't right then please email me at  (Remove the word REMOVE from the email address.)

3.4 Why 'Logos'?

Logos is the Greek for 'word', and is normally pronounced Log-oss (piece of wood - bones).  It appears in English in words such as 'Logomachy', 'Logorrheoa' and 'Logotype'.  The word 'logo' used to describe the emblem of an organisation is ultimately derived from it.

Further Information

Please check the application documentation and web pages to see if they contain the answer to your query. If you can not find what you are looking for, or require further information, then please email  (Remove the word REMOVE from the email address.)

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