Logos 2.6 for Windows (Build 127)

Released 20/12/2005

logos26.exe (1.5 Mb) (Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP) (Alternative download sites)

Additional Dictionaries

UKACD17.dic 216,879 words
1,101 Kb
Build from UKACD17 word list, see UKACD17-ReadMe.txt for details.
Logos12.dic 151,846 words
734 Kb
The word list supplied with Logos 1.2 built for use with Logos 2.2 and above.
Moby-English.dic 354,945 words
1,985 Kb
General purpose English dictionary, excluding proper names, acronyms and compound words and phrases, but including archaic words and spelling variations.
Built from Moby's '354983 single words'.
Moby-Names.dic 21,970 words
141 Kb
Common names used in the United States and Great Britain.
Built from Moby's '21986 names'.
Moby-French.dic 130,824 words
302 Kb
Built from Moby's 'French.txt'.
Moby-German.dic 158,994 words
1000 Kb
Built from Moby's 'German.txt'.
Moby-Italian.dic 60,443 words
138 Kb
Built from Moby's 'Italian.txt'.
Moby-Spanish.dic 79,702 words
450 Kb
Built from Moby's 'Spanish.txt'.

Installing New Dictionaries

  1. Copy the new dictionary files to 'C:\Program Files\Logos\Data'.
  2. Select 'Configure Dictionaries' on the 'Dictionaries' menu of Logos.
  3. Press 'Install'.
  4. Select the new dictionary that you wish to add to Logos.
  5. Press 'Open'
  6. Press 'OK' or 'Activate'
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