Have you ever needed a little help with crosswords, anagrams or other word games? If so, LOGOS is the answer!

LOGOS is a word searching application.  It provides three functions:

These functions will be invaluable to those who [fail to] do crossword puzzles and other word games.  The searches are controlled from an easy to use Windows interface, and the results are immediately visible and may be printed or copied to another application.

The crossword search will search the dictionary for words matching the pattern that you specify and display a list of all the word that fit.  The Anagram search will find anagrams (including multi-word anagrams) which can be formed from the given words or letters.  The Hidden word search will display all the words using only the letters that you specify.

The application is supplied with a 217,000 word dictionary and can easily be configured to use other word lists.

Crossword Searches

Crossword searches are searches for all words matching a pattern of letters and unknowns, e.g. the top row of your crossword might look something like this: S_M_TH_N_G.  In this case a crossword search s?m?th?n?g would find all words in the dictionary matching this pattern.

Anagram Searches

Anagram searches try to find words that can be formed by re-arranging the set of letters supplied, e.g. 'lemon' can be rearranged to form 'melon'.  Anagram search results can be filtered with a pattern and multi-word anagrams can be generated.

Hidden Word Searches

A hidden word searches looks for all the words that can be formed from the supplied letters.  This is very similar to the anagram search, but the words do not have to use all the supplied letters.

Multiple Dictionaries

Logos is able to use multiple dictionaries for each search, searching and combining words from all the active dictionaries into a single set of results.  In addition to the optimised Logos dictionary file format, Logos is able to use external ASCII file word lists as input for its searches, either as well as or instead of the standard dictionary.  These word lists are simply text files with a single word per line.  Note that some searches on these word list will be significantly slower than for the Logos dictionary - the Logos file format is structured for optimal searching.

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